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What is Incent?

Family Financial Education

  • Family Financial Education Tool

  • Digital Banking for Kids and Teens

  • Gets Money Flowing In And Out Of Accounts

  • Incentivize Youth To Make Sound Financial Decisions

  • A Unique Way To Earn Deposits And Grow Your Member and Customer Base

  • Fully Integrated And Branded To You

As a former CU CIO and parent of four, my goal was to get my kids learning about financial services through a hands on approach.
– Richard Logan / CEO Incent

Key Statistics

Below results are from surveyed credit union members

of members/customers are with their financial institution for over a decade.
of children chose not to bank at their parent’s credit union or bank.
of members/customers recommended their financial institution to their adult children.
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Seamless Workflow

Simple back and forth communications between parent and child

Step 1


Assigns chore to their child. A notification is sent to them.

Step 2


Opens the notification and is taken to review.  Completes the work and marks task as complete.  Parent is sent a notification.

Step 3


Clicks the notification and reviews and approves the request.  The funds are transferred, and the child is notified.

Step 4


Child receives the notification and once clicked, is taken to where they can see their new balance.


A few of our partners

Rolando Chavira

Sales Executive

Youth Retention Is The Cornerstone

Benefits of Incent

Maximize your growth

We equip marketing leaders

Using your design & color schemes, Incent will build an integrated widget for your existing online and mobile banking application. The solution will look and feel exactly like your financial institution.

With features like cash for chores, borrow money, request money and access to debit cards, you’re sure to experience youth engagement like never before!
As kids start using Incent and your core services their balances will increase. Say goodbye to dormant or low balance youth accounts!
As children utilize the features within the solution we encourage them with trophies for making sound financial decisions
People in the community will hear about the new and exciting solution by word of mouth which will drive new accounts to your institution.
Youth members will eventually become adult members and their children will sign up for the feature as well.

Fully Integrated

We will fully integrate with your online and mobile banking vendor to have a seamless user experience for your end users. All transactions will be done in real time making the process simple and seamless.

Increase your sales

Watch your youth accounts and deposit balances increase with the administrative portal.


“Incent is great to work with!”

James Santos

VP, Account Services
Randolph-Brooks FCU

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Brandi Briers

Sales Executive
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